Prolyte announcement

Today we were informed that Prolyte Group cannot longer guarantee the continuity of the company and the production. An internal restructuring had a major impact on the operational organization of the company. This resulted in the situation that financial obligations could no longer be met. 

As a distributor of Prolyte Group, we want to express our sympathy to all employees, suppliers and co-distributors of the company who are going through those difficult times.

Customer service by AED group

At AED group we will do everything we can to minimize the consequences for our customers. Existing sales orders that are not in stock at AED group will not be delivered until further notice. AED Rent will back up all Prolyte customers and co-distributors by renting and selling Prolyte products from the AED rental fleet. We can also deliver Luxibel truss immediately from stock.

This event has no further impact on AED group's own organization. We will of course closely monitor further developments in the short term. From our position as a distributor, we will also do everything possible to guarantee the continuity of the product segment within the shortest possible time. Within weeks AED group will come up with a solution or with an alternative product range. 

For all questions regarding this, we will always remain at your service by mail at

Prolyte Announcement