Response from AED group to the situation at Prolyte

The situation at Prolyte Group is very critical and currently highly uncertain. Together with all customers, suppliers, co-distributors and especially Prolyte employees, we hope that there will be clarity about the future of the brand and production in the very short term. We, therefore, call on all parties involved to enter into discussions with us to evaluate all options together.

AED will support all Prolyte customers and distributors

At AED group, we mainly want to ensure that Prolyte customers and fellow distributors are not left out and are being helped in the meantime. They can count on our full support. Internally we develop and improve products on a permanent basis in consultation with our manufacturers. This is why we will start the production of our line of stage decks earlier than planned.

Already by the end of this year, we will have 3000 new stage elements that are 100% compatible with Prolyte Stage Decks. This range will be available for rental, sale and leasing. This series will be officially presented during the AED Customer Nights in Belgium on 11 and 12 December 2019. These products will be released under the Prolyte brand name or not, depending on further developments in the coming days and weeks. We also assure that we will also come up with a solution for the truss segment that matches the existing Prolyte range in the very short term.

In the meantime, all Prolyte customers and distributors will be supported by AED group. We will immediately release Prolyte decks and trusses for sale from our rental fleet and in very good condition, in order to bridge the coming weeks and to fill shortages in the market.

At AED group, we are prepared for all possible follow-up scenarios, and we hope that clarity will soon be established for everyone who is, directly and indirectly, involved with Prolyte Group. Meanwhile, we wish everyone at Prolyte a lot of courage and strength.