HOG Training

P. Debeyeplein 1
6229 HA Maastricht

Science Vision Studio's


Wiebe Plantenga (Product Specialist AED NL)

High End Systems
  • Introduction to the range of consoles
  • Starting a New Show
  • Show File management
  • Patching
  • Setting up Views
  • Fundamentals - Real World Values, HTP/LTP, Tracking, Syntax, Control Panel/Preferences
  • Methods of bringing parameter values into the Programmer
  • Palettes & Additive Masking
  • Recording Cues
  • Basic Cue Timing
  • Touch/Suck/Parking
  • Comment Macros
  • Basic Playback functions including Release
  • Brief introduction to the two modes of the Function Keys
  • Basic Effects including Palette to Palette
  • Pages
  • Introduction to Plot View & Pixel Mapping
  • 1 hour play time
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