QSys level one

Bedrijvenpark De Veert 6
2830 Willebroek

Samsung Demo Room


Wout Vander Elst (AED BE) & Roy Kloet (AED NL)


Learn Q-SYS in one sitting
If you need to learn Q-SYS fast and painlessly, there's no better way than to attend a Level 1 Classroom training. Learn in a small environment and get one-on-one help from certified Q-SYS Trainers.

Hands-on Experience
Each student works on a full Q-SYS workstation with the latest Q-SYS hardware and software.

Conference Room Curriculum
Learn the basics of the software in the context of a real conference room installation. Topics include: Hardware Overview, Software Navigation, Teleconferencing Suite (Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Softphone, Proper Gain Staging), Basic User Control Design, Basic Test & Measurement Tools, USB Audio and more.

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