VMB Showlift AED-SL18

VMB Show Lift | AED-SL18

The Showlift is an automated tower lift with a variable speed motor that is controlled by a 2-channel DMX signal from a lighting desk. With instant reading position, variable minimum and maximum height limitation, the AED-SL18 is the ideal tool for indoor venues with height and/or weight restrictions. The Showlift AED-SL18 offers an incredible array of possibilities for any designer creating Live Events, Theatre shows, Touring and TV, Audio Visual & Product Promotions and is exclusively distributed by AED group.

The Showlift weighs 162 kg and has four outriggers and an active footprint of 1 x 0.8 meters. The base of the lifter has four swivel wheels for easy set-up and positioning on stage. It also includes integrated flight case latches directly built-in to the base that brings transportation dimensions to 0.8 x 0.6 meters. This Showlift can operate at different variable speeds and heights, with a smooth flow and low noise level.

Technical Specifications 
Max. height: 4.1 m | Folded height: 1.5 m
Max. load: 55 kg | Min. load: 15 kg
Work surface: 95 x 75 cm | Folded surface: 80 x 60 cm
Power: 1.500 W | Peak power: 3.000 W