AED invests in new ROE Visual LED products

AED Display has recently enlarged its, already impressive, stock of ROE Visual LED products with another robust investment. Investing in a series of new products released by ROE Visual will ensure AED’s rental fleet is completely up-to-date to respond to market developments.

Update of the rental stock with latest ROE Visual products

“We constantly have to respond to changing market demands. Keeping up with new product releases is one of the strong features of AED Display, we scout developments and product releases of our suppliers on a regular base.  When products make a successful entry in the market, we will see an increase in demand for these products at AED Display immediately”, comments Thierry Heldenbergh, Managing Director for AED Display.

The total investment in ROE Visual products encompasses Black Marble BM4 LED floor, Diamond DM2.6 and Vanish V8. With this investment, AED can boast to have the largest rental stock in Europe, enabling AED to support companies that have invested in similar products.

“This investment will give our customers access to the latest LED products that are in high demand for live events as well as corporate shows”, states Heldenbergh.  “The ability to rent or cross-rent gives a boost to rental companies, that like to own their own LED equipment, but might run out of stock for larger shows. The great thing is we can trust ROE Visual to take that fact into account and reserve products from the same batch for a certain region”.

Apart from this investment, AED Display will also add more stock of the popular Carbon CB5 LED panels to its total rental volume. The black face, high brightness CB5 panel proves to be a very versatile product, perfectly suited for out- as well as indoor applications.  AED will both have the regular 1200x600mm. Panels as well as a large batch of 600x600mm. Panels in stock from the start of September onwards.

“We have a long and close relation with AED Display, they have been instrumental in growing our brand in Europe” comments Roelof Bouwman, Managing Director for ROE Visual Europe. “It’s good to see them take on our latest generation of products as well as the tried and tested ROE Visual products they already own. Both Vanish V8 and the Black Marble BM4 have a broad application scope, which make these products suited for a wealth of applications”.

Featured products:

The latest ROE Visual LED products are added to the AED rental stock