VMB AED-SL18 Showlift

Since the AED-SL18 Showlift recently won the engineering award at the ABTT show, the innovative towerlifts by VMB and AED were used in numerous productions worldwide. 

AED-SL18 Showlift on tour

During the home games of the New Orleans Pelicans in the NBA competition, the Showlifts provide extra entertainment at the court in addition to the basketball games. Also during the new Rave Rebels Techno festival in Paleis XII in Brussels, the Showlifts sparkled impressively on the DJ stage.

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly, a well-known American rapper, is one of those other productions that recently toured America and Europe with the Showlifts. We were able to speak with Wes Henrard, the Lighting Director of the Machine Gun Kelly production, just before their performance at the AB in Brussels.

"We have been using the Showlifts for a while now during our American Tour and we are super enthusiastic about it. The possibilities for a quick installation in small or large venues and the unique features to adapt the speed and to add cool animations to our show design have made us decide to include 8 Showlifts in this production. Another big advantage of the Showlift is that it is packed in a handy flight case that can easily be rolled on and off the stage."

Wes Henrard - Lighting Director of Machine Gun Kelly

Where creativity meets technology

During the AED Demo Days in the Netherlands, this Showlift attracted the attention of the visitors upon their arrival at the entrance. The image was generated from the AV Stumpfl Pixera on a new Samsung QM55R display.