Pixera Training

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Rainer Brandstätter (AV Stumpfl)

AV Stumpfl
Cost price: € 450 per person
This amount will be invoiced and you will receive this amount as a discount for a subsequent purchase or rental.

Basic of 3D
Property of a 3D object 
Different Units in 3D Space 
3D formats (Pixera supported Formate) 
UV Mapping explained 
Import external 3D models into Pixera (Pixera --> same model with different scalings/units) 

Advanced Screens
Alignment concept in 3D space  
3D Mapping on Dodecahedron

LED & Mosaic/FX4 Setup
Explanation LED Database, LED settings 
Advanced Timelinefeatures
Blend to Cue / Blend to time 
Preview editing 
Transport controls 
Create Text 


Custom Effects - Notch:
Inserting Notchblocks 
Content Transcoding
Explanation of Workflow 
Video Export
Explanation of Workflow 
Perspective Modes:
Concept of perspectives 
Usage and possibilties 
DMX/Artnet - API basics:
API basics  
DMX/ Artnet configuration explained 
Avio Integration - advanced Show control 

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