HOG Training

Dalkruidbaan 161
2908 KC Capelle a/d IJssel

AED Nederland


Wiebe Plantenga

High End Systems

Vanwege de maatregelen van het RIVM hanteren wij een maximum van 5 deelnemers per training. 
Lichttafel, laptop met visualizer, eten en drinken wordt geheel door ons verzorgd.


  • Advanced Patching - Cloning of Universes, DPs, Patching with Gaps, Dotted User Numbers
  • Advanced methods of bringing parameter values into the Programmer
  • Advanced Masking - Additive vs Subtractive
  • Custom Highlight/Lowlight
  • Time Only Palettes
  • User Kinds
  • Media integration
  • Live key functions
  • Advanced Timing
  • Advanced Playback functions including Assert, Play back Masking, Scale Size/Rate Masters
  • Reporting
  • Command Keys
  • Multi parameter Effects
  • Timecode
  • Networking - console to console/DP & ArtNet • configuration
  • Plot view & Pixel Mapping
  • 1.5 hrs play time
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