AED Audio

AED Audio

AED Audio is a premium worldwide audio brand that was founded and created by AED group. AED stands for Acoustic and Electronic Development and started back in the early 1980’s with the development of own speakers. In the beginning, components of several brands were used to build up the own AED speaker range. Today, AED is coming back to its legacy with a brand new product range that is inspired and developed with the experience and the knowledge of audio professionals. AED Audio is 100% owned by AED group.

AED Audio values

At AED Audio, we develop premium audio products that create the highest quality, flexibility, versatility, efficiency and user experience for the professional user community.

Inspired by professionals
Our customers are professionals. They know about our industry. Thanks to their knowledge, we are passionate to translate their challenges and demands into high-quality products with an unmatched added value. We strive to focus on financial and operational efficiency for the pro AV community in the development of the AED Audio brand. 

Created by experience
We understand the professional audio market. From 1985 until today, AED has become a leading company to provide AV professionals with products and services to improve their daily business. With more than 35 years of in-house experience, we are in the leading position to create the best user experience for the technologies we develop. 

Unmatched by performance
We challenge ourselves continuously to enhance the performance of the products we design and produce. We will never compromise on quality. By only applying the latest premium technologies in our products, we are proud to help to build a sustainable future for the professional audio industry.