AED Customer Nights

AED Customer Nights - The Road to Recovery

Throughout the years, the AED Customer Nights have become an established event for the international audiovisual industry.  After a hiatus due to well-known circumstances, we think it’s important to organize a new edition for our customers and partners. 

This ‘Road to Recovery’ edition is all about rebuilding our beautiful AV industry and reconnecting with our customers and partners. We’ve opted to organize a ‘moderate’ version in which we’ll focus on catching up and networking in an easygoing atmosphere. 

The latest products will be on display, street food and drinks will be provided… in short, the AED Customer Nights will be a pleasant networking event with a nice afterparty. 

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Timing & Program


17h00 Doors
17h30 Opening of the AV Expo
20h00 Street food on Wheels
22h00 'The Road to Recovery'-speech by CEO Glenn Roggeman
22h30 Heartbeats at the AED Customer Nights Party
03h00 End

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