AED Truss Terrace Approved Partner

To qualify as an "AED Truss Terrace Approved Partner" you must meet the following conditions:

  • Exclusive use of AED Rent materials for the truss terrace construction
  • A commitment of payment within 8 days after collecting the materials
  • Minimum rental period: 8 weeks

As an approved partner you will have of course the following advantages:

  • Leads will be forwarded based on geographical position (distance to the installation)
  • Your regular AED discount applies
  • Available in silver or black (+ 30%) truss
  • Available in sales, rent or lease
  • You can use Luxibel fixtures as ambient lighting
  • You can use the AED Truss Terrace Calculator
    This calculation gives you an indication of the average pricing.  Please note that is a non-binding price/calcuation indication. 

Apply here to become AED Truss Terrace Approved Partner

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