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Swisson supplies the entertainment- and industrial market with top-edge technology products such as (wireless) DMX splitters, DMX nodes, network switches, as well as traditional, dimming solutions. Swisson products are characterized by outstanding innovation, top quality and outstanding added value.

Service information

  • Warranty Period: 2 year
  • Shipping arrangements: The customer is responsible for both inbound and outbound freight expenses

New - ISP 4-6 Splitters

Swisson splitter
The DMX splitters of the ISP-4/ISP-6 line of products boost an incoming DMX signal and provide it on four/six output ports. This allows for safely going beyond the 32 devices limit of the DMX standard, as well as for building star topologies. The ISP splitters also act as repeaters, and thus they may be used for transporting a DMX signal across larger distances.
DMX signals often get disturbed by the environment or even by the devices connected to the signal line. An ISP splitter may completely clear the disturbances if it is connected at a location where the signal is still “readable”.
Providing four/six individually optically isolated outputs, as well as an optically isolated input, the ISP-4/ISP-6 splitters may prevent harmful voltages applied to a given port from affecting the other ports and damaging the connected equipment.
The bidirectional ISP-4/ISP-6 splitters work within DMX/RDM environments, as well as in pure DMX environments. Therefore, ISP splitters are a good solution not only for current RDM users, but also for those who expect to use RDM in the future. ISP splitters are DIN rail mountable and powered by an external power supply unit.

Fields of Application

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Convention Centers
  • Theme Parks
  • Theaters, Operas
  • Multimedia Shows


  • Boost/repeat DMX signals
  • Regenerate/clean DMX signals
  • Prevent reflection issues
  • Split DMX signals and build star topologies
  • Connect a large number of fixtures to a single universe

Available products

  • ISP-4R-RJ45
  • ISP-6R-RJ45


XES-8G front


XES-8G rear


Its ease of use makes the XES-8G a perfect fit for smaller and midrange productions with demanding requirements. With the growing popularity of TCP/IP and Ethernet based protocols for lighting and sound, it is expected that more and more network capacity will be required for those applications in the upcoming years. The XES-8G provides enough bandwidth for controlling the light of almost any show and it can handle the data rates required for transmitting many audio channels or even those needed for displaying high resolution motion pictures on LED walls.
As a layer 2 switch, the XES-8G is generally unaware of the application and therefore it works well with any protocol that operates on top of TCP/IP and with many Ethernet1) based protocols. However, special precautions have been taken to ensure that the XES-8G works perfectly with Art-Net, sACN and Dante. The Art-Net specification for example expects the controller to only send data every few seconds or when an update is available. A typical switch might put itself into sleep mode when no traffic is observed, not so the XES-8G; it stays ready to forward data anytime without a delay.
With the increased acceptance of TCP/IP and Ethernet based protocols, the proper operation of the network and its equipment has become critical for many shows. In stage lighting for example, more often than not, all of the control data transmitted from a light controller will be passed through at least one switch, before it reaches any actual fixture. Therefore, it is crucial to professionally plan, configure and install the network for any show or venue. As a measure to further lower the chances of network outages, the XES-8G comes equipped with two separate switch mode PSUs that can be powered from two different mains supplies.

Fields of Application
• Architectural lighting
• Convention centers
• Churches
• Schools
• Theme parks
• Theaters, operas
• Multimedia shows
• Touring / Festivals