AED becomes exclusive BeNeLux distributor for AV Stumpfl’s Flex Black PRO screen surfaces

AED Display, a leading player in the AV industry, has announced an exclusive distribution partnership with AV Stumpfl GmbH, an Austrian company renowned for its high-quality audiovisual technology. The exciting collaboration was announced at InfoComm trade show in Orlando this week, where AV Stumpfl introduced their revolutionary Flex Black PRO projection screen surface.

Flex Black PRO surfaces available at AED Display

Under this new agreement, AED Display will be the sole distributor of Flex Black PRO surfaces in the BeNeLux market. This innovative projection screen technology offers exceptional black levels and contrast ratio, even in environments with challenging lighting conditions. Customers can now rent Flex Black PRO surfaces directly from AED.

Traditional projection screens often struggle to maintain image quality in bright environments, resulting in washed-out images and loss of detail. Flex Black PRO addresses these issues, allowing for sharp, vibrant visuals even in bright environments. The image quality of Flex Black PRO is comparable to that of LED displays.

Thierry Heldenbergh, Managing Director of AED Display, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "AV Stumpfl's Flex Black PRO is a true game changer in the world of projection materials. We are impressed by its potential and believe it will make a significant impact across various AV markets."

AED Display is dedicated to promoting the Flex Black PRO, with the goal of maximizing its reach in the BeNeLux markets through our comprehensive network of professional customers. Additionally, Flex Black PRO will be available to our customers in the UK as a non-exclusive distributor.

Flex Black PRO’s debut at the prestigious Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt received an overwhelmingly positive response from international AV technology experts, confirming its position as a groundbreaking solution.

For more information on Flex Black PRO and to explore the unlimited possibilities it offers, reach out to AED Display's expert team. Stay ahead of the curve and experience the future of projection technology with AED and AV Stumpfl.