AED Display is preparing for a busy summer with its new Barco UDM fleet

While some people are buying colorful swimwear and others are looking for fancy sunglasses, AED Display has made a strategic investment in a summer-proof projection fleet. With the recent purchase of 40 brand new UDM-4K30 projectors from Barco, AED now boasts a rental fleet of over 250 Barco 4K laser projectors, ranging from 22,000 to 40,000 lumens.

Barco UDM-4K30 is the perfect addition to the AED Display portfolio

Recognizing the unmatched quality and performance of Barco solutions, AED Display has been including their projectors in their rental portfolio since 2011. The UDM projectors, in particular, caught our attention when we experienced the new UDM projection platform back in 2019. It was evident that these flagship projectors would be an ideal addition to our already impressive fleet and will allow AED customers all across Europe and beyond to deliver impactful 4K experiences.

Thierry Heldenbergh, Managing Director at AED Display, highlights the high regard the professional AV customers have for Barco projectors. "With the UDM laser projectors, we know we are offering our customers the total package: a rugged projector that excels in projection quality, ease-of-use, and reliability," he states. The launch of the UDM-4K30 last year only affirmed our decision to integrate these projectors into the AED Display portfolio.

AED offers its customers the full range of Barco projection and image processing solutions, along with necessary services, training, and financing. With the versatility of Barco solutions, AED can cater to the diverse needs of events and venues that rely on projection to inform, impress, and entertain audiences—not only this summer but also in the future.

The collaboration between AED Display and Barco reflects their shared dedication to providing the AV industry with advanced technology and exceptional experiences.