AED group acquires rental fleet from Interal T.C.

AED group from Willebroek (Belgium) is acquiring the rental fleet of Dutch truss manufacturer Interal T.C. Remaining at the present location in Venray, Interal's rental business will continue as usual, and the range will be expanded with NEXT Truss products, the new owner of Interal T.C. All Interal employees will remain on board in the new organisation. 

AED group acquires the rental fleet from Interal T.C.

Interal has been manufacturing truss structures for the events industry since 2003. They offer both standard and custom-made systems of the highest quality, with a strong focus on customer service. There is still plenty of potential for future growth within Interal, as well as for expanding NEXT Truss, of which AED group is a joint owner.

The Interal rental business will continue as an integral part of AED, which will supply both new and existing customers with trussing and rigging equipment in dry hire rental from the local hub in Venray. Over time, the rental business could be expanded even further, with the addition of other AV products (such as stage and trade show lighting) from the AED group, to support the local market.

The skill and experience available at Interal T.C. will make a positive contribution to future growth and new product development. 

The staff and contacts will remain unchanged at both companies, retaining all the skills and experience. AED group, NEXT Truss and Interal T.C. will operate under one roof out of Venray, where management and operations will be integrated to achieve economies of scale for both customers and suppliers. 

AED group, NEXT Truss and Interal T.C. will continue to define the future of the AV industry together.

Pictures: @Jorrit Lousberg