VMB Show Lift AED SL-18

AED group has worked closely with VMB for the creation of a new unique product and is proud to introduce the Show Lift AED-SL18.

VMB Show Lift | AED-SL18

AED group has worked closely with VMB for the creation of a new unique product: the Show Lift AED-SL18. An automated tower lift with a servo motor that can be controlled by DMX. Using this product, stage and light designers have the opportunity to add a new dimension to their creations.

VMB is one of the leading brands in producing (event) tower lifts for over 25 years. The ideal partner for AED to realize the creation of this innovative product. VMB CEO’s Pedro and Javier Zarco comment: “We are very pleased that AED contacted us regarding this project. Through their years of experience in rental and distribution of AV equipment, they have acquired good insights into the needs of the market.Together with our expertise in tower lifts, we produced something unique that will add value to stages all around the world.”

The Show Lift AED-SL18 can reach a maximum height of 4,1m with a speed of up to 1m/sec. The lift has a maximum load of 55 kg and weighs 140 kg.

Pieter Van de Velde, brand manager rigging at AED group was deeply involved in this project. “Safety was a priority in the product development. Features like the adjustable minimum and maximum height, a locking system for overload, outrigger detection and a protective accordion sleeve that covers all internal mechanisms guarantee this at all time. Further, we focused a lot on the ease of use and setup. Swivel wheels beneath the base, link connectors for both the Show Lift and lighting fixtures and integrated flight case latches make the installation of this product a pleasure for technicians.”

Differentiate your shows and buy (AED Distribution) or rent (AED Rent) the Show Lift AED-SL18 now!
Visit the VMB Show Lift product page or contact your AED account manager for more information.