Fleet Manager of the Year at AED Studios - Studio 7

In a spectacular evening that brought together the who's who of the Belgian automotive industry, the 29th edition of the prestigious Fleet Manager of the Year 2024 awards ceremony took place in a stunning setting at AED Studios. 

The entire event production was powered by AED's own brands, including AED Audio, Luxibel, NEXT Truss & StageLIFT, and the Redot 6.9mm LED-WALL

The event, organized by Effective Media / FLEET.TV under the leadership of CEO Philippe Quatennens, showcased the latest audiovisual technology in the most ecological venue powered by solar energy and battery power. Glenn Roggeman, CEO of AED group & AED Studios, expressed his pride in welcoming the Belgian automotive sector to their state-of-the-art facility.

Philippe Quatennens, CEO of Effective Media / FLEET.TV, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, "We are thrilled to host this awards ceremony at AED Studios, following our successful partnership that began with the capture of one of our programs two years ago. The use of the giant 640m2 high resolution LED wall in a 360° configuration has truly elevated the event, creating an immersive experience for all attendees in Studio 7."

AED Studios, known for its commitment to sustainability, provided the perfect backdrop for this grand occasion. The venue, powered by solar energy and battery power, aligns seamlessly with the ongoing transformation of the automotive sector towards e-mobility. The event for more than 1000 guests included a culinary adventure by 3-star Michelin chef Tim Boury.

The highlight of the evening was the award ceremony, where the Fleet Manager of the Year 2024, Fleet Dealers of the Year, and Fleet Mobility Manager of the Year 2024 were announced. The event featured keynote speaker Denis Gorteman, CEO of D’Ieteren, who provided insights into the automotive industry's future.

This entire Effective Media event production was powered by AED's in-house brands, including AED Audio, Luxibel, NEXT Truss, NEXT StageLIFT, and the Redot LED 6.9mm, which covered an impressive 640m² area in a 360° setup.

The complete equipment list used in the production included:

  • REDOT LED 6.9mm
  • AED Audio (Flex6 – Solid15 – Solid28 – Multi12)
  • Luxibel (B Expo 500TW – B Blinded – B Blinded1 - B Blast Pro – B Par180RGBW V2 – Expo Tools Truss)
  • NEXT (Truss NH34 – StageLIFT NSL5 - StageDeck)

For more information, visit the websites www.AEDaudio.com, www.luxibel.com, www.next-truss.com and www.redotled.com 

Philippe Quatennens, CEO Effective Media
1000 guests attended the event
Studio 7 at AED Studios
Fleet Manager of the Year Award show
AED Studios as most ecological event venue