the AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly

Welcome to the future of event production, thanks to the AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly! Say goodbye to bulky setups and lengthy preparation times. Our new Universal Touring Dolly is designed with efficiency and ease in mind, streamlining your production setup by enabling pre-cabling and transport in a play-ready state.

AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly

Optimize Time and Crew

Why spend hours setting up at the venue when you can arrive ready to go? The AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly is the answer to efficient event management. With pre-cabling that can be prepared in the warehouse, this system is ready for action as soon as it reaches the venue. Minimal crew is needed for load-in and load-out, saving you time and labor costs since everything is pre-produced and consolidated into one transportable unit.

Universal & Flexible Design

The AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly is not just efficient, it’s adaptable. It's a Universal Touring Dolly that’s flexible enough to fit different equipment setups:

  • Fits multiple SOLID15's (optionally stacked with FLEX6's)
  • Fits 1x SOLID28 (optionally stacked with SOLID15's and/or FLEX6's)
  • Fits multiple MULTI SUB's (optionally stacked with MULTI12's)
  • This flexibility means that no matter what configuration your event requires, the AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly has got you covered.

Keep the Cables Connected

One of the biggest challenges in event setup is dealing with the multitude of cables. With the AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly, that’s a thing of the past! Keep all your cabling connected during transport. This means no more plugging and unplugging, no more cable management headaches.

Movable Wooden Cable Tray & Bluewheels Included

To further enhance its efficiency, the AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly includes a movable wooden cable tray for easy cable management and organization. Moreover, it comes with durable Bluewheels which ensure smooth transport and precise positioning.

Wrapping It Up

The AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly is changing the game in the event production industry. With its ability to transport play-ready systems, its universal and flexible design, and its ability to keep cabling connected during transport, this dolly is the ultimate tool for efficiency. Save time, reduce crew requirements, and eliminate the hassle of setup with the AED Audio Universal Touring Dolly.

Wheel in, power on, and you're ready to rock!

This is not just a statement – it's a promise of the seamless experience that awaits you. The AED Audio Touring Dolly is now also available at AED Rent. Contact us today for more information or to place an order.