Prolyte Factory Visit

During the last month, AED group invited 16 customers from 4 different countries for a Prolyte factory visit in Piatra Olt, Romania.

Prolyte factory visit by AED customers

The first Prolyte factory opened in 2016 and has a surface of 5000 m². In 2017 the production capacity was expanded with a second factory of 4400 m², and there’s room for further growth with expansion possibilities up to 16,000 m². The complete bespoke factory, including all equipment, procedures and personnel obtained EN1090 certification in the highest execution class III and is further ISO 3834-2 certified by the International Institute of Welding. In addition, the building houses a laboratory designed for material quality testing as well as an in-house training facility for welding.

Pieter Van de Velde, Brand Manager Rigging  at AED group, approached Prolyte with a request to invite multiple customers from different countries to visit Prolyte’s production facility. He states: "When I was invited to visit the factory last year, I was amazed at what I had seen. I told a lot of our customers of my experience. They became more interested and so the idea popped up of doing a factory visit with some of our customers. I wanted to give them the experience and feeling I got when I visited the Prolyte factory for the first time, enabling my customers to get a better understanding of why Prolyte is the leading brand in aluminum structures. The factory itself, I can only describe as a “Pearl in the desert."

Michel Barthels from Sparq Light & Sound adds, "I was very impressed to see how truss was made with perfection and know-how, I am amazed at what knowledge I took away from the visit enabling me to live my motto “know what you're selling" - big thumbs up for this manufacturer!"

Ralph Stockley CCO concludes, "I am always proud to show customers our production facilities in Piatra Olt, Romania. The knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing and quality control process helps them when specifying or our products in the future."

Prolyte Factory Visit