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The winter period was the perfect moment for AED Rent to prepare the busy spring and summer season.

Extra investments in L-Acoustics, Yamaha, Shure, Pioneer and DPA equipment

The existing audio inventory was boosted with extra investments in the existing L-Acoustics, Yamaha, Shure, DPA and Pioneer rental range. More L-Acoustics Kiva-II, X-series and Syva were added and there was even an additional need to buy extra K2 and Kara. The success of these products continues. AED gains more international customers with long-term rental contracts resulting in this extra boost of the rental inventory. L-Acoustics is now strongly represented globally, and with AED this translates into many rental requests from all corners of the world.

The popular Yamaha range was expanded with additional CL and QL mixers and the associated I/O units. Especially in France the interest for the brand is growing. Yamaha is also often the first choice for tour productions because of their reliability.

The demand for wireless microphones and I.E.M. systems continues to increase. Manufacturers such as Shure have, in recent years, made great efforts to develop products that are ready for the future. It is no secret that more and more bandwidth is being seized by mobile operators. This creates an additional challenge with ever more pro-audio users in a smaller available spectrum. Shure has developed a brilliant product range with the Axient Digital series that flawlessly anticipates to this complex situation. That is why AED Rent has also invested further in Axient Digital, with the addition of the 'Frequency Diversity' version of the handhelds to the rental fleet.

Shure recently released an update on the PSM1000 I.E.M. belt packs, which greatly improves the audio quality. This update was also followed by AED Rent. Meanwhile, there are more than 300 channels I.E.M. and more than 700 channels of wireless microphones available at AED. The wireless range is very popular throughout the year, and is therefore not a typical 'seasonal product'.

And also the DJ-market is being served. Pioneer remains the most popular brand today, and therefore additional DJM900Nexus2 and CDJ2000Nexus2 were purchased for rental.

Finally, investments were also made in the new 6000 series of DPA. The 6066 and 6061 headsets and lavalier miniature microphones are now available at AED Rent.

AED based these investments on the expectations for 2019. Many projects are already definitive, and thanks to the expansion AED wants to respond to the additional needs of the customer.

Picture attached: Koen Conaerts and Piet Verstraete, Audio Specialists AED Rent

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