The GrandMA2 Full Size met Nicolas, .... en Nadine van het AED Lease team

The perfectly maintained GrandMa2 Full size consoles from our rental fleet are now available with a unique financing option via AED Lease.

GrandMA2 Full Size for 700 euro per month*

Discover AED Lease: the banker of the audio-visual industry

Since 2012 AED Lease is proud to have signed more than 600 contracts in 30 countries. With a portfolio in excess of €60 million (£50m) in value of AV products, AED Lease is the specialist in financing for our sector.

Eddy De Greef, Managing Director of AED Lease explains the rapid growth and success: “AED Lease thinks differently to a traditional bank. We speak the same language as our customers. We understand the AV business. After 4 years a traditional bank would know perfectly well the remaining value of a BMW 3 Series, but would they know the value of a Barco projector? A traditional bank does not know our sector well enough: this is far less obvious to a traditional banker. Every bank requires a guarantee to cover the risk of the loan and the customer has traditionally been required to offer a guarantee in the form of assets, for example property.  AED Lease sees the AV product itself as the guarantee and therefore requires no additional guarantee from the customer."

AED Lease not only finances brands from the AED Distribution portfolio, but can offer all AV products and also second-hand products. An additional benefit is that the customer can pay the advance in the form of second-hand equipment. The amount for the purchase option is fixed in advance and the customer can decide freely whether or not to cancel it after the conclusion of the lease. That makes the solution unique compared to the possibilities at the traditional bank.

Transparency and speed are key at AED Lease: the customer knows within 48 hours if a lease application has been accepted and what the advance monthly payments and the purchase option will be. A traditional bank often dares to seduce the customer with a very low interest rate but afterwards it becomes clear that the customer needs to pay a series of extra costs (for example: file costs, debt balance insurance, account and postage costs,...). At AED Lease the plan is clear from the start with no additional costs.

* Advance payment: € 4,200 (or £3,610) | 36 monthly repayments of € 700 (or £600) | Purchase option: € 1,400 (or £1,200)

Prices excluding VAT and subject to your application been accepted.  This offer is only valid whilst stock last. Leasing contracts can be closed only for European territory.

Photo: Nicolas Bal, Stijn Van Den Brande & Nadine Cools from AED Lease with the GrandMA2 Full Size console

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