Truss Terrace

Are you looking for more covered outdoor space this summer? The Truss Terrace is a flexible and modular weather-proof construction. Create more space for bars, restaurants, schools or health-clubs. NEXT Truss products are built by certified welders in Europe and are made from the highest quality 6082 aluminium alloy. All products comply with the applicable safety rules and regulations that the industry requires. 

Installation by AV professionals

AED group offers interesting pricing for the Truss Terrace installations. From 50 Eurocents per square meter per day (minimum 2 months rent), the Truss Terrace offers an affordable and reliable answer to the current social distancing requirements during the corona crisis. The Truss Terrace is available for sale, rent or lease and can be installed in silver or black truss. Customers are free to choose a supplier for the rain covers (roof and/or sides), however, AED group can suggest suppliers for the purchase of the covers at a competitive rate and with short delivery times.

For the installation of the Truss Terrace, AED group will exclusively apply on the knowledge and services of AV professionals only. The Truss Terrace can additionally be equipped with ambient lighting, an audio installation, video screens, a wooden floor, camera surveillance, terrace heaters,... Direct leads from end-users will be forward to AED customers that are 'Truss Terrace Approved Partner' based on their geographical location (distance to the installation). Professional AV companies can sign up here to become 'Truss Terrace Approved Partner'. All professional AED customers preserve their regular AED discount conditions. Feel free to contact us for the purchase or rent of additional lighting, video or audio equipment.

Are you interested to rent, buy or lease a Truss Terrace for your bar, restaurant, school, health-club,... request your offer here.:

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Truss Terrace
Truss Terrace