AED group will start direct on-site deliveries in Germany

From 1 August 2021 AED group will serve the German market directly. The commercial team of AED Germany with Alexander Kexel, René Velten and Dirk Stuhl will of course remain at your service. 

AED group wants to serve the German market more efficiently

In view of the relaunch of the entertainment industry, AED group will change its approach and supply the German market directly. This new approach implicates that goods are no longer collected from AED Germany, so the offices and warehouses in Bannberscheid will no longer be used. The commercial team will continue to operate from a central office and their own home offices in order to continue to efficiently serve their customers.

In time, AED group will work towards a better geographical spread in a number of major German cities. CEO Glenn Roggeman: "There is currently too little advantage to keep the extensive infrastructure in Bannberscheid operational to serve the market in a large country like Germany. In addition we recently expanded and optimized our warehouse in our head office in Willebroek to serve our customers even better." 

AED group also investigates strategic collaborations with German companies that can act as a hub in order to reduce the geographical distance to the customers. In this way, AED group wants to serve the German market more efficiently.

"I believe in a strategic cooperation with a number of AV customers who are spread out near major cities. We want to actively engage in talks to discuss and develop the possibilities, so that in the future we will be geographically closer to our customers and can offer attractive logistics solutions. In the meantime, we will supply the German market directly, with the quality and service for which we are known." 

AED group's customers in Germany will not notice any difference. The commercial team will move to offices with a limited transshipment warehouse in Montabaur. All other contact details (e-mail and telephone numbers) remain unchanged.