Return Merchandise Authorization

Register your defective equipment for service/repair by filling out the RMA form.
AED Repair accepts all products that were sold or distributed by AED group, whether they are still under warranty or not.

AED Repair

Service information

Please note that AED Repair does not accept cash payments.

For products sold by AED group, these beneficial prices apply:

  • Labour (€ 70/h | £ 70/h)
  • Labour video (€ 95/h | £ 95/h)

For products not sold by AED group, these standard prices apply:

  • Labour (€ 90/h | £ 90/h)
  • Labour video (€ 110/h | £ 110/h)

For any product, these prices apply:

  • Evaluation fee* - € 50 | £ 50
  • Evaluation fee video* -  € 95 | £ 95
  • Administration fee** - € 15| £ 15

A minimum of ½ hour per repair, prorated ½ hour thereafter.
* An evaluation fee will be charged in the case where no problem was found, or the repair estimate (quote) has been declined. The evaluation fee can change if required.
** An administration fee will be charged in the case where an RMA or invoice need to be changed to another account.

General terms & Conditions Highlights

Packaging: AED is not responsible for unpacked or inappropriately packed materials and can consequently not be held liable for any potential damage. If the customer does not use the original packaging of the materials, the customer bears the risk of damage upon returning.

User Data: AED is not responsible for the loss of personal property, data, or user settings on the equipment.
Turnaround times: All lead times provided by AED are solely estimates. The actual repair timeframe may vary depending on the finding(s) from initial evaluation and the availability of the service part(s).

Unclaimed repairs: Repaired equipment not claimed after 30 days will be considered abandoned. In such a case, AED reserves the right to scrap the abandoned equipment at our discretion.

Warranty: Repairs peformed by AED are covered by a 3 month warranty period, it being understood that the warranty is limited to the parts used and the work performed by AED. Traces of user damage, over voltage or liquid damage will void this warranty.

You can find out more about our general terms & conditions here.